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Solar Panel Cleaning: Maximizing Efficiency and Performance

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“Do solar panels need to be cleaned?” This is a common question among solar system owners. While solar panels are designed to be low-maintenance and self-cleaning, relying on rainfall to keep them clean, there are situations where manual cleaning becomes important. For instance, if you live in an area with little rainfall, you may need to give your solar panels a helping hand. But no need to worry, we’re here to help! We have compiled some easy-to-follow tips to keep your solar panels in great shape.

Adjust Solar Panel Cleaning Frequency to Environmental and Climatic Conditions

To keep your solar panels performing at their best and harnessing maximum solar power, it’s crucial to clean them regularly, adapting to the ever-changing seasonal challenges. During winter, the reduced sunlight and cold temperatures create an environment where dirt and grime accumulate on the panel surfaces. 

Then, with the arrival of summer, there are more urban air impurities. Dust and other particles in the air can affect your panels’ performance. It gets even trickier in places with increased air pollution or forest fires, as smoke, soot, and ash can end up on the panels.

Invest in a Cleaning Kit for Your Solar Panels

We recommend you invest in a solar panel cleaning kit to properly care for your panels. These kits are usually very affordable and give you all the cleaning supplies you need to safely clear off debris. Typically, these kits include a solar panel cleaner liquid, a brush, and a squeegee to dry and remove the excess cleaning liquid. 

You can also find rotating, water dispensing brushes on the market; just keep in mind that the best brush for cleaning solar panels is a soft one, as it avoids scratches on the glass surface.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to cleaning your solar panels, it’s important to use the right tools and products. If you don’t have a dedicated cleaning kit for solar panels, avoid using aggressive sponges and soap. Using the wrong cleaning soap or harsh towels can potentially damage your solar panels. Instead, opt for a soft rag that is exclusively used for cleaning solar panels, ensuring gentle and safe maintenance.

Also, remember that the best cleaner for solar panels, if they aren’t too dirty, is water, especially deionized or distilled. In fact, it is advisable not to use soap because it can leave residue and attract more dirt.

Choose the Best Time to Clean Your Solar Panels

When it comes to solar panel cleaning, timing matters. Overcast days, early mornings, and evenings all offer great opportunities for optimal results. However, if you’re seeking the ultimate cleaning time, early morning takes the spotlight, as the spray softens the dirt and makes it easier to remove. Avoid cleaning under the scorching sun as the water can quickly evaporate and smear grime. Remember never to spray cold water on hot panels to prevent any cracks. 

Be Careful on Your Home’s Roof

Learn how to clean solar panels safely to protect yourself during the process. Whenever possible, clean them from the ground using an extension pole. However, if you must access the roof, follow these safety precautions: select a suitable ladder, watch your steps and be mindful of your surrounding, wear non-slip shoes or boots, and use essential safety equipment like a harness and a hard hat. Remember, your safety is paramount, so don’t take unnecessary risks, prepare in advance and take all necessary safety measures.

Get a Cleaning Robot for Solar Panel

Exciting advancements have been made with the introduction of cleaning robots for solar panels. These innovative robots are specifically designed to handle the toughest cleaning tasks, providing you with convenience and efficiency. Just bear in mind that this technology is still being developed and the cost of acquiring a cleaning robot may be higher.

Hire The Professionals

Sometimes, it’s best to leave solar panel cleaning to the professionals. If you live in a highly polluted or coastal area, have trees close to your panels, encounter tough buildup like bird droppings, or have a steep roof, it’s wise to seek expert assistance. When a solar professional comes to your home, they ensure both you and your panels stay safe. They know how to clean solar panels with care and precision, saving you the trouble of buying a cleaning kit.

The importance of cleaning your solar panels cannot be overstated. It directly affects their performance and efficiency, enabling you to fully harness the advantages of solar energy. At Mayer Solar, we understand the value of panel cleanliness and its impact on energy generation. We are committed to guiding you through the process of maintaining clean panels, ensuring they operate at their peak and deliver optimal results. With our expertise, you can experience the full potential of solar energy and enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

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